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It was five years ago I wrote most of the songs for my first album “Walking in the Spirit.”  It has been a truly wonderful journey of connecting with so many believers, those struggling, seeking, having victory and on their own journey with Christ.  It has been a time of growth for me.  And some of that growth has come through some difficult times.  Times of wanting, of frustration, having wrong desires, looking to the wrong things. And ultimately coming back to the reason I even wrote my first song.  Loving Jesus.

Really, at the end of the day, He is all we have.   I have again and again looked for that  acceptance with people who I thought would always be there, but they are not. Jesus never fails, never leaves, always provides, always gives, always loves.  And in that I am able to love.  I cannot love when I am looking for that acceptance from people.  He is enough.  I am learning that lesson again and again and again.  That He IS enough. 

These past five years have brought many amazing experiences.  I have traveled the country and appeared on several national Christian tv shows, radio shows, churches, women’s events.  I’ve lead worship, shared my testimony, connected with such great people.  And I love it all.  But, it all fades away and once again I am alone in my den in front of my computer or kitchen sink.  And those experiences are a memory.  A sweet memory, but a memory.   

During this time I have traveled to Israel (the trip of my lifetime,) been baptized in the Jordan River, took communion at Gethsemane (probably the favorite moment of my life besides my wedding and children being born.)  I just have fallen so much more in love with Jesus.  I wish every day could be walking the streets of Jerusalem, seeking the places He walked.  But, it is not.  It is here in Sacramento, California.  How do I find that spiritual high in my day to day life?  That has been a quest on mine for the past year.  And I’ve had some very deep down times.  But, I also have had times of great spirituality, creativity and a pouring out of my need and love for Jesus.

And those songs will be on my new album.  One I have been talking about for a while!  But one that is definitely in production as I write this!  I believe patience has been my friend in all this. The songs are from my heart:  “I Can’t Do This On My Own”  “Don’t You Know Who You Are”  “Believe”   “God Knows Your Heart Still Breaks”  “Look to Jesus” and many more.   The only thing I’m hoping for with this album is to lift up people who also are struggling on this journey, to affirm their faith, to glorify Jesus.  I minister to women at Folsom Prison a few Sundays each month, leading worship and sharing God’s Word. These women have found great joy in Christ in very difficult surroundings. I pray the world finds that joy of Christ. And I pray these songs bring hope in this strange time in our world. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.   I am grateful.  I have been changed. 

When my first album came out,  so many left their email address for my mailing list.  Sadly, when I had a new website made, all those addresses were lost and they were not able to retrieve them.  I would like to rebuild that and if you would like, please leave your email address so we can stay in touch.  

Thank you!  In Christ’s love,

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