Words of Truth (review)

This review is by Vernita Simmons, author and writer for FFFM (Faith Filled Family Magazine)

“I love Christian music. And some albums which artists produced consists of all the makings for a Dove Award. Gretchen Keskeys’s; Words of Truth is that kind of album. “Beloved, you’ll overcome.” It resonates with this comforting expression throughout this inspired medicinal classic selection of songs. You can feel the presence of God as the gifted artist pours out her soul through songs like Hope of Heaven. Look to Jesus; clears up what it is to know the truth. So, you’re uncertain of your identity, Don’t You Know explains it’s written in His Word. And should you find it hard to think about the impossible occurring; When You Believe will set your mind at ease; while opening your eyes to the God who takes what’s unthinkable and creates a miracle.

Its aim is about redemption, hope, and healing. And what a magnificent collection of songs she’s complied to achieve that. Gretchen isn’t merely singing because she’s blessed with a melodiousvoice. This anointed servant of God is using her God-given talent to share the gospel of Christ through songs of praise, worship, and adoration. There’s a stirring message within each piece of music. Each one tells a story that anchors your faith, encourage your heart, and uplifts your spirit. The unfailing love of God permeates throughout. So, if you’re searching for a selection of songs which accompany you into the Throne Room, look no further. Come, journey with her and sit at the feet of Jesus and receive Word of Truth.”

Thank you Vernita!

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