The Hope of Heaven

I’ve known wealth but I’ve never been so poor. I’ve seen success but it left me wanting more. I found at last the peace that I longed for. It’s in You Jesus. The hope of heaven is enough for me. Don’t need to hear about prosperity. Tell me of Jesus and eternity. The hope of heaven is enough for me. And oh, to stand in Your presence. With a life everlasting never ending. That’s a hope for this life to keep me going, the hope of heaven!

There is no doubt that following Jesus Christ, giving Him our lives and being born again is full of blessings for this life. For me, I found true lasting peace (which is a miracle for me,) beautiful relationships with fellow believers, purpose, joy and so much more. But, the real treasure isn’t the blessings or gifts we receive, it is the knowledge, the future, the hope we have of everlasting peace, joy, togetherness with Jesus Christ. Any church that preaches a “prosperity gospel” is really missing out on the real treasure. That is knowing and knowing more…Jesus Christ. The more we know Him, the richer our lives become. The less I look to what is happening to my life in this world, and the more I see Jesus Christ in me, the truth of His Word around me, the more hopeful my life is. Truly, the hope of heaven IS enough!

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