T.P., Hand Gel and Jesus

I had an experience during this Coronavirus outbreak that surprised me, a faithful Christian. As the news of the virus became more urgent, it seemed more people ran to the stores to stock up on everything they might need to get through an unpredictable time.  Before long, what once was the most common of items, toilet paper, became a most sought after product.  And hand sanitizer and other disinfectants became more precious than liquid gold as we were told they were key to maybe even staying alive.  When I realized my time had passed to buy hand sanitizer at the store, I looked online and there was none.  As a singer I have always been somewhat conscientious not to get sick so now and then I would buy hand sanitizer at the grocery store. I searched the house and lo and behold I had a brand new decent size pump bottle of Purell, still within its expiration date.  Wow, what a find, I thought.  I gathered a few more smaller squeeze bottles and made sure all my kids had some, my husband, myself and one by the door.  And I had my special reserve bottle stored safely in my bedroom.  I felt safe and secure, satisfied that I hadn’t been left out in the needed supplies cold.  Yesterday as I strolled across my bedroom, I casually noticed my brand new pump bottle of Purell wasn’t where I thought I put it, my special reserve to use for the unforseen future.  I asked my husband, “did you take it?”  “No,” he said.  I asked my son, “no” he said.  I asked my teenager daughter and she sheepishly said, “yes.”  And I said, “great, that’s ok. Where is it, I would like to keep it in my bedroom.”  She told me, “uh mom,  my friend couldn’t find any at the store so I gave it to her.”  You WHAT?!!!  My precious treasured ticket to health and well being during this apocalypse!??  You GAVE it away??!!!   AAAHHH!!  Those were my feelings.  I felt like I was in the Great Depression and someone gave away my last bag of potatoes.  I started to understand why my grandmother saved cans of rubber bands, or my mother wouldn’t throw things away.  This left me feeling very empty and down.  That Purell was my bit of security in this world that was not supplying my needs!  Ok, where does Jesus fit in all  of this?  What is really going on with the hoarding of the toilet paper (to be honest I don’t totally get it, but my husband did have a few big Costco bags of it which I appreciated.)  But, people are looking for security for their family during a time when they may not have these things available.  And so because it all seems so important they take as much as they can without looking like too much of a selfish person.  This reaction I had with the hand gel made me think about my faith and where it came into all of this.  And I thought about Jesus and what we are promised: “And my God will supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”  Phil 4:19.   But, can I trust Him to take care of my family, keep us well even if our hand sanitizer runs out?  Even if we didn’t get to the toilet paper aisle in time?.  Even if the virus comes to our home?  Will you Jesus?  Yes He will.  And the truth is these irrational feelings we have to hoard are really not what will bring us peace.  Because this emergency our country is going through right now will be over.  And the toilet paper and hand sanitizer which are so precious will again seem as common as bread (something probably people aren’t hoarding because it spoils.)  I wrote this song “Lord Almighty” about all of this.  It starts:  “Holding on so tightly to the treasures of my life. The weight upon my shoulders took a toll through days and time. But with a heart now full, I can let it go. Your blessings are a fountain with a never ending flow:  “Lord Almighty”

Yes we can hold on so hard to this life this world, our “treasures” that we lose what we are really looking for.  Peace, security, safety, love.  That is all found in Jesus.  Is it ok to prepare?  Be wise?  Yes. But if you miss something, if you didn’t do it all perfectly, don’t fear.  “His blessings are a fountain with a never ending flow.” Getting back to Jesus got me back to my right mind and I praised my daughter for her kind, generous and giving heart.  Now that’s something that gives me lasting satisfaction (a lot longer lasting than toilet paper!)  🙂  Prayers for all for good health and peace as we get through this together.

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