“Pure Hope” The Story Behind My Songs

Songwriting for me is definitely a spiritual experience. I cannot do it in the flesh if I try. I have tried and what comes from it is dry and empty.

The songs on this album have mostly come from a place of pain and praise.
Pain of discouragement, pain of uncertainty, pain of fear, pain of longing. And the answer to that pain ALWAYS comes from the same source: Jesus Christ. All glory, honor and praise to Him! His Word. His Spirit. His promises. His sacrifice. His love.

Here a glimpse of the story behind three of the twelve songs:

Child Of The King: Most of the pain in my life is from not seeing myself as God sees me but as other’s see me. Growing up in an alcoholic home, I literally learned to look in the eyes of others to see the temperature of the climate in the home. How they looked at me determined how I felt about myself. And I have done it to this very day. But, Jesus Christ has done a work in me and that stronghold is I’d say no longer there. I no longer look to other people or the lies of Satan to tell me who I am. I AM a Child of the King! And you are too!

Forgiven Once Again: I had been feeling not well. Just a heaviness in my heart and in my life. A sadness and I couldn’t figure it out. In prayer, I realized I had some unconfessed sin and it literally was taking the life out of me. I went to the Lord in prayer and confession and in that forgiveness that I received, I literally came back to life! I could live again! This isn’t about habitual sin and using God’s grace to sin. This is about a loving Father who promises to forgive us when we sincerely confess our sin and repent. And forgive others as we are forgiven. What a gift and a loving Father we have!

This Time: Of all the songs on the album, this one is probably the most deeply personal. Recognizing that as I was going back into old patterns in my life to deal with pain instead of putting my trust completely in God, I was self destructing. None of the coping methods I have used bring life. Only Jesus Christ brings life. Romans 8:6 – “The mind governed by the flesh brings death, the mind governed by the Spirit brings life and peace.” Yes, this is so very true. This song is my cry to remember to trust God. And it was in this trust that this whole album was made. He can be trusted because He has good plans for us all.

My only prayer for this music and my ministry is that is can bring hope and help to hurting hearts by directing listeners to Jesus. I have been a Christian for many years, but I still struggle with this trusting, with this surrender. But, I know without a doubt, it is the truth. Jesus Christ lives and He is the only real hope for this world. I look forward to sharing more of the backstories to my new album songs!

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2 Replies to ““Pure Hope” The Story Behind My Songs”

  1. Sorry to hear of your plight. I can only offer opinions and I am a Christian also. We are in spiritual warfare. Our songs, prayers, and articles are being silenced as Christians. Satan knows his time is short. Keep fighting the good fight!!!!!!!!

    1. Lorraine it means so much to me to receive your comment. You’re exactly right this feels very much like spiritual warfare. I had to step back and literally surrender all of this to Jesus. They can do whatever they will but as long as I have Jesus I’ll be OK. Thank you for coming to my webpage and I am going to invest more here. I love writing, I love sharing the Lord’s love and goodness and hope and healing and peace. Thank you again and God bless you. In Christ, Gretchen

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