Praise Be To You!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Brooklyn Tabernacle in NYC. It was such a powerful experience that I wrote a song about it called: Praise Be To You (that will be on my upcoming album.) I was so moved by the power of the Holy Spirit as a huge gathering of every race and background all in one heart poured out praise and worship to Jesus Christ. THIS is where togetherness is. Not in a political party, not in who has the loudest voice in the media. It is IN JESUS CHRIST.
These are the words:
We wake up breathing the same air
Whatever skin or color of our hair
Every day there’s something new to tear us all apart
But there is hope where we will all be sharing the same heart
It’s in You Jesus
Praise Be to You, Praise Be To You
You are the truth, Jesus it’s You
That holds us all together, holds this world together. Praise Be To You!

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