Dangerous Days: A Christian View

If you have in any way paid attention to the news, or even witnessed recent events with your own eyes, you have a true sense that things aren’t right.  Crimes which are cruel, random and heinous are becoming a regular occurrence.  It’s as if all those who have an inclination towards evil have been given a memo: “There are no consequences any more, have at it!”  Looking at the massive ransacked pile of pilfered packages stolen off trains in Los Angeles really affirms that.  But the more disturbing crimes are against people and even animals. Just recently in the news: A woman is pushed onto an oncoming subway,  a young woman working alone in a furniture store stabbed and killed, a woman in her home who cared for needy dogs and cats murdered with her pets and her house burned down, ten farm animals in a little red barn attacked and killed with a hammer wielding crazed person.  All of these recent crimes I’ve read about were committed by people with known mental health problems, long criminal records, let out on no bail, people living on the streets. They are walking hazards to society and destroyers of lives and families.

There seems to be a lot of talk about “compassion” these days.  But the compassion some lawmakers think they are showing, is anything but.  It is compassion in all the wrong places. This experiment to give more freedom: no bail, early release from prison, weakened police departments, is not creating more good in society.  It is creating more evil.  To God this is no surprise. The bible says:  “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?  Jeremiah 17:9,  “We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  Romans 3:23  “Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I have come here from God. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:42-44.  So all this mayhem and evil is no surprise to God. By the grace of God we have understood this and seen our need for a Savior.  He paid a price for us while we were sinners. Romans 5:8, But for those lost and given to their flesh, or their mental illness, or addiction, or dark spirits, where is the hope for them?  Does God love them? Yes. He gave His only beloved Son for them so they would not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.  But when people cannot control themselves, they need outside boundaries to do that for them.  I have ministered in prison.  The women who ended up there followed their sinful behavior, but in prison they had access to true help, true hope, salvation for their lives: The love and grace of Jesus Christ. They didn’t sit defiant and angry in the worship service.  They were moved to tears by hearing the gospel in a song I shared I wrote about my own testimony:  “Then I Met Jesus,” the words:  “There’s a time in every life, a moment never planned. When you start to decide, this is who I am. I had that moment, there had been hurt, innocence lost like permanent dirt. But then I met Jesus, He washed me clean. He forgave me my sins. He died for me. He gave me value and righteousness too. When I met Jesus, He made me brand new.”  They saw themselves now loved and cherished by God.  Yes, their lives had gone very wrong, but they learned God loves them just as they are, having sinned, now in prison.  And in Jesus Christ they could be given a brand new life. A life of true freedom. This is what this world needs.  Not self help books we see today with titles such as:  “You Are a Badass” and “How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness.”  No, that is creating a society of arrogant people. People who have no problem pushing all the boundaries, laws, disrespect for authority.  That will not bring a good life.  These women prisoners who found Jesus Christ may have even been wronged in their life. But now they know a good Father who promises to right those wrongs.  He is a God of justice, a loving Father who would take care of those wrongs, restore their lives.  They found true hope and forgiveness and meaning in their lives and where they once caused pain to others are now a blessing. 

So why are some lawmakers pushing for less consequences? No bail, defund the police, early release from prison, etc.  I feel that those with a certain ideology do not understand this position as man as sinner. Those with this ideology think their good works will put them in good standing with a higher power or with other people or voters. “We are going to be so compassionate, everyone will see we are good. More compassionate than that other party and even God!  Some people have been wronged in the past, so we are going to remove any means of punishment for them.”  And it is creating an unlivable society. It is feeding the minds of people to believe that they have been wronged, so they can do wrong back. I heard someone quoted saying the people who broke windows and stole thousands of dollars of merchandise at Neiman Marcus and Gucci were justified. “Just call it reparations,” she said.  Or in other words,  I have been hurt so I can hurt.  But that is destroying society.  The right message is:  Yes there has been past sin.  Great sin. Yes, you personally may have been wronged.  Yes, there are evil people who do evil deeds. That is clear. And yes some people have abused their authority.  But if you are given all the freedom in the world to pay back any way you please, will that help you?  Will you be better off if you spend your days enraged and harming others?  Replacing sin with more sin?  No, you won’t be better off.  Sin isn’t bad because it’s forbidden. SIn is forbidden because it’s bad.  It harms us. It harms others. Our own loved ones.  It creates a society without boundaries. And eventually that evil will show up on our doorstep. 

Often those who are trying to defend all this will say: You Christian and your bible!  Look at this law in Leviticus!  You aren’t following that exactly!  You can’t talk about sin!  You’re not perfect!  And as a Christian, I say: “You’re right.”  The law was given to show we are not able to ever live up to God’s holiness. Some people may say:  “Well I’m a good person.  At least I”m not that person!”  Here’s an example why this does not meet God’s standard:   I am a moderately good piano player. If I was playing next to a four year old, people might think, wow you’re great!  If I was playing next to a renowned concert pianist, I would be completely out of my league.  See, none of us can live up to God’s holiness.  So, just because we want to pass tougher laws and support law enforcement, we aren’t saying:   Look how much better I am than you!   No, I am saying, we are all flawed, but until you can control yourself and be a productive member of society, you should not be allowed to harm others. That’s how it’s always been, but somehow, I believe, the godlessness of the day is creating a society where some want no consequences.  And in reality, the ones now bearing the consequences are the grieving families left behind in the aftermath of all the sin, murder, crime. Their loved one is in the news for a few days and then everyone moves on until the next crime victim.  But the families can’t just move on. A lifetime of pain has been created for them.

There is no doubt, people need help. Everywhere in this country we are seeing tents. Sometimes in the most bizarre and dangerous places.  Literally inches from where cars are speeding by. This is no way for people to live. These are valuable people.  But, to just hand out money without handing out hope, things will not change.  Just like the person who is not happy with their life, and continues on destroying it in addiction. They need a change, a new hope, a new reason to want to change.  We have enough money in this country to provide shelter, but do we have enough wisdom to share God?  That is the missing ingredient. No amount of government help will change anything until there is a greater reason to want to change.  And the first step is to feel loved and empowered.  But that authentic love and help isn’t best found in just people. They may be there one day and gone the next, just nameless bureaucrats handing out a check. Someone who already has it together just doing their job.  God’s help is from a loving Father.  A true source of love and power.  Who lifts up the lost and humble. They need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not seeing God as someone with rules to give out.  But as a Savior who will lift them out of this life that has gone so hopelessly wrong.

So as a God fearing, bible believing Christian, what are we to do with this world we find ourselves in?  Most importantly, do not be discouraged. Do not let the loud and sometimes cruel voices of those who want a godless society overrule the knowledge of the truth you have in your life in Jesus Christ. We are told “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Proverbs 9:10.  Understand that you see the big picture with God given wisdom.  So much of what we are seeing today seems like common sense gone wrong to us, but those not committed to seeking and following God see it totally different.  We know there is a spiritual blindness. “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them: 1 Corinthians 2:14.

And we know and have seen how those very people change when they are born again in Jesus Christ. A light is turned on, a veil lifted.  We understand all the traps of human behavior and the solution of changed hearts in Jesus Christ.  We cannot fail to show the love of Christ. If we ever can give help, always do, but always with the gospel attached. My husband and I will sometimes give out gift cards to those in need, but with a gospel message or give to the Union Gospel Mission which not only helps the homeless but can help lead them to Christ.  I will add, just because someone is homeless, does not make them a criminal.  But sadly, drug use is rampant in this community and that only contributes to mental health problems.  It is a huge problem, but we serve a great God with great help for the most in need.  And all of our greatest need is forgiveness of sins and salvation in Jesus Christ.  If we have that, we are most blessed, however this life on earth looks.  And in this abundance of grace, we will surely be a blessing to others. 

The Left, which I believe embraces a philosophy that is more humanistic, seems to want to divide us by somehow making up their own rules to right wrongs. Shaming an entire generation for the wrongs of the past will not correct it. It will create more evil.  One of the most powerful experiences of my life was visiting the Brooklyn Tabernacle when we (my husband and three teenagers,) visited New York City in 2017.  This I believe is the most diverse church in America. And if you know of it, you know that the music is out of this world.  But we were surrounded by every race, old, young, many people of color in the congregation and a white pastor. The singers might as well been on Broadway. And many people in the congregation have seen better days. None of that mattered. We were all as one. There was no division by social class, race, talent, nothing. We were as one all in our worship of the one true God.  I get chills writing about it now because it was so amazing. I literally didn’t want the service to end. It felt like a little piece of heaven. I actually wrote a song after the experience, it goes:  “We wake up breathing the same air. Whatever skin or color of our hair.  So much in this world is trying to tear us all apart. But there is hope where we will all be sharing the same heart.  It’s in You Jesus.  Praise be to You. For You are the truth, that holds us all together. Praise be to You.”   That is where true healing is found.

  In the true knowledge that we are all the same in Christ.  No one has privilege in God’s Kingdom. He exalts the humble. We only need to bow to Him.  If we try to right wrongs by manufacturing privilege, we will open many new doors to pain, resentment and wicked behavior.  Where there have been wrongs, Jesus Christ promises us justice.  God’s justice brings peace. That should be the new rallying cry.

I believe as Christians we can do these things:  educate yourself and vote for anyone with a Christian world view.  Remember, that is a view of love. That may mean law and order, but if it is of God’s love, it will bring fruit to lives and not death. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is life eternal through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 6:23  Support law enforcement.  I remember visiting New York City, Washington DC, and even Israel in 2017 and 2018.  All of those places had a strong law enforcement presence and they all felt safe. And we stayed safe.  We must go back to the time before the “defund the police” movement.  Anyone with common sense could see what a disaster in the making that was. Support our police. Pray for them.  And yes hold them accountable for any abuse of power.  Pray for the victims of crime and their families.  Pray for those so lost and without hope.  And never lose hope and the confidence that we have as born again believers in Jesus Christ.  The anti-Christ wants nothing more than for us to be weakened, afraid, uncertain.  But we know Jesus is the way and He will never fail.  His truth will always stand. He never changes.  Political movements change. Fads change. People in power change. Self help methods change. Even medical advice changes. Man is flawed. He is not God.
Our one true God, please shed Your grace on the United States of America.  Help us during these troubled times.  Be with us all.

‘God’s Love Will Never Change”

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